Tips On Tuesday

Have you ever dreamed of having that perfectly styled home, but don't know where to start?

Given that I'm a Real Estate and Architectural Photographer I get to see beautiful properties all of the time, however I sometimes feel clueless on where to being with our charming new little abode. So, in my journey to discover more tips and tricks to organizing, decorating and decluttering homes, I'll be happy to share along the way.

TIP:  Make your room seem taller with low furniture "Fake it till you make it" ;)

"Create strong verticals and avoid the horizontal,"recommends designer Todd Romano. "I adore large mirrors because they add scale to a room. I also kept the furniture low-slung, so the rooms seem taller."  - JAMES MERRELL

We do not have tall ceilings so we opted for the "low furniture, taller room trick, and I have to say I'm liking it. Our room is by no means complete yet (probably because we have a 1.5 year old and we're too busy picking up after him lol) However I have to say that I love how Ikea's Ektorp Couch and Loveseat fit perfectly into our space, and not only did it fit, but it's so comfortable! 

My next plan for this room is to raise the curtains to the ceiling and I think it will make a HUGE difference. Can't wait! Until then, check out our current progress below.


- Courtney

Courtney Hurley Photography