Safer Swaps #7 | Plastics Purge

(7/10 Safer Swaps)

Plastics Purge!

We are slowly replacing plastics for safer materials like glass, stainless, and wood. In short, plastics leech chemicals. These chemicals mostly leech when they are heated or are a low quality plastic. The long term effects of this chemical exposure is just not known or tested extensively yet. Do your own research and come to a decision you feel good about for your family without guilt friends. I still have plastics in my kitchen that I haven't parted with because it's a process and cost $ :)

Sharing a few links here if you are interested:

Toys: and

Kids/Baby Food & Drink:

Food Prep:

While we cook mainly on all cast iron pans, I do still have some non-stick pans that have got to go! Did you know you can get a natural iron increase by cooking in cast-iron? Here is an article you might find interesting

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