Safer Swaps #2 - Honest Diapers

Honest Bundle:
Once my son was born a couple years ago, I had an inner battle over diapering. The eco-friendly, recycler in me wanted to choose cloth diapers but the clean freak + working momma also new I had to go disposable for my sanity. I was excited when I learned about The Honest Company diaper + wipe bundles that would auto-ship right to my door. Honest has a mission similar to Beautycounter to make products without potentially harmful chemicals + prices are comparable to leading brands + the prints are seasonable and adorable! They fit well, keep us from irritations, and they are cute on their booties! I'm loving their latest prints for my daughter :)

We have also bought a few Honest essentials like kids toothpaste, bug spray, household cleaners, but have since swapped most for something safer, more efficient, or making our own (more on that in another swap post!)

Don't miss out on their current BOGO deal! Link to shop is HERE

Courtney SchmechelComment