Safer Swaps #3 Essential Oils

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Essential Oils

I never knew much about oils and but a few years ago while at Bible Study I was talking with a friend about how she used DoTerra oils and the benefits of them. I was intrigued so she lent me some to try and I was instantly hooked! What started with diffusing oils around the house quickly became diluting my own to use on my new baby. In learning about the impact of topical plant derived oils being absorbed by our largest organ (skin!) I reallybegan to think about the importance of all the products we were using (and the junk that may be present) I've even begun to branch out and source my own oils to create more products for our home...more on that to come later!

We use oils for everything from cleaning, boosting our immune system, treating irritations, lessening our symptoms or just calming our nerves! Here are few staple oils + how to use them:

**Lemon - cleans anything! Helps to dry up runny noses and coughs. 
**Lavender - diffuse for calming/sleep, use on all of us for skin irritations, used for sinus/cold symptoms
**Peppermint - headaches, keeps bugs away, sinus/cold symptoms
**Purify - laundry, freshens smelly places (garbage disposal, diaper receptacle, etc.)
**Basil - use behind kids ears to keep them dry and hopefully free of infection
**OnGuard - immune booster (comes in oil and pill form) for when sickness coming on
**Melaleuca + Frankincense - healer of all things!

I won't debate what oils are best because I can only speak to what I use (DoTerra and a few of my own custom blends sourced from direct wholesalers) As with other things, I suggest doing your research to ensure transparency and integrity. Feel free to share your oil expertise or questions below!

***P.S. I do not claim that oils cure all medical conditions. We simply use them to maintain health by eliminating unnecessary toxins and allowing plants to do what they were created to do.

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