Safer Swaps #4 | Beautycounter by Courtney Schmechel

(4/10 Safer Swaps)

And then I found Beautycounter!

I was on a search for a product that worked well with my skin (combo skin, red cheeks all the time and just had a baby...I was looking for a miracle!) A friend sent me some samples and I couldn't wait to try them out. I was already sold on choosing products without harmful or questionable ingredients, so once I experienced the high performance I was all in! Like really, I signed up to be a consultant so I could buy ALL the things (w/ a discount!) I never planned on growing a side business, but when you believe in the mission + want to share it with those you love, it just happens.

I think it can be overwhelming to know where to start...especially when the average person uses 12 products per day. I am someone who does lots of research before purchasing a product, so what I love about Beautycounter is I can trust they have done the hard work for me!

Here is my short list of daily essentials/can't live withouts:

1.) Cleansing balm/Charcoal bar - rotate between these two as my cleanser. The balm removes makeup with ease and hydrates my skin; the charcoal detoxes to prevent breakouts and even skin tone (also use this on body)

2.) Face oils - serves as my daily moisturizer alone or added to my Countermatch adaptive lotion or sleep recovery cream (another favorite!)

3.) Body collection - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion covers a lot of surface area daily, so this one was important for me to eliminate toxins! Love the smell and the shampoo allows this former wash everyday girl to skip a few!

4.) Baby Balm + diaper cream - gentle healers of bums, eczema, irritations on all. I feel confident knowing we are not compromising health for performance.

5.) Makeup- I use some degree of makeup most days and my light weight tint skin foundation is a must have + volumizing mascara + all the lip sheers!

Ok that short list grew...but it's difficult to narrow down my favorites! What is the product you are ready to trade in for safer? I encourage you to look up your current products at

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