Safer Swaps #5 | Norwex!

(5/10 Safer Swaps)

Norwex Cleaning

I have ditched the bacteria growing sponges, the chemical-filled cleaners, the swifer wet jet, and dryer sheets (which happen to be among the top 3 most toxic products in your home😯 who knew?!) for Norwex Cleaning!

Norwex cloths = microfiber + water. Not only are we eliminating toxic, unregulated chemicals but also reducing plastic usage. Cloths are affordable and last several years! Plus time saving!

We know we are going to encounter chemicals in our environment, so why not make a safer haven in my home to breath, ingest, and absorb less toxins. With two kiddos who crawl and lick everything, this was a priority for our home and our bodies!

I did have to change my mindset that chemical smells = clean. When I need that clean smell, I wipe things down with my lemon oil or add a drop of lavender or lemongrass to my wool dryer balls

When you get an invite to that next Norwex should probably hit this one up! Please share your safer cleaning methods below...

Courtney SchmechelComment